/kɒnstəˈtjuʃənəl/ (say konstuh'tyoohshuhnuhl)

1. belonging to or inherent in a person's constitution of body or mind: a constitutional weakness.
2. beneficial to, or designed to benefit, the bodily constitution: a constitutional walk.
3. relating to the constitution or composition of a thing; essential.
4. relating to, in accordance with, or subject to the constitution of a state, etc.: a constitutional monarchy.
5. having the power of, or existing by virtue of and subject to, a constitution or fundamental organic law: a constitutional government.
6. forming a part of, or authorised by, the constitution or fundamental organic law of a nation or state.
7. a walk or other exercise taken for the benefit of the health.
constitutionally, adverb

Australian English dictionary. 2014.